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  • Corralling Digital Notifications

    TL;DR version: with the exception of phone calls, I’m experimenting with limiting digital communication to two specific times (7a-8a and 4p-5p) each day. I’m curious to hear from others who have done something similar and have valuable suggestions. I’ve been thinking critically about the time I spend engaging, responding, and generally maintaining digital communications for…

  • February’s Hip Hop Book Club

    First off, happy Black History Month to everyone. And Happy Groundhog Day. Put on your booties, cuz it’s cold out there today. So, I rounded up a group of nine friends and invited them into the project I talked about in a previous post. I’ll begin with by expressing my thanks and encouragement to them…

  • Hip Hop Book Club (Rationale)

    I’ve been a fan of hip hop music and culture since my teens, but I’ve gone through periods of time where I fall out of familiarity with new artists and innovators. I’ve found some success with podcasts and public play lists on Spotify to introduce me to new music, but I’ve always felt like that…

  • Your Parties Are Cold Comfort

    The recent Op-Ed published in The New York Times by a “senior official in the Trump administration” offers, on one’s first partisan reading, a gleefully deep gash exposing the current White House calamities. I am a non-party affiliated American, but I’ve grown accustomed to the emotional rush of each successive Trump-fire news story, hoping beyond hope…

  • “Good Old Neon” and the problem with thinking

    I just finished reading David Foster Wallace’s story “Good Old Neon” from Oblivion (2004) while commuting to work. I’ve always been an appreciator of Wallace while not always feeling like I could go down the rabbit hole with him. Everything I’ve ever read about him coupled with his nonfiction endears him to me. His creative prose…

  • Whose communalism?

    This week I listened to an episode of a podcast called Cults on Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. I won’t say I am obsessed with learning about that story, because I am not (things I can can admit to info obsessions with: Malcolm X, The Clash, graffiti), but I am drawn to the story because…

  • Moonfish Summer

    Moonfish Summer

    I’ve been working with interesting thinkers at Agnes Scott College over the last four years on projects orbiting the idea of digital literacies, open source thinking, design, and virtual communities. This summer, that community got tighter and more focused on a series of education, design, and digital content initiatives. We’re calling it the Moonfish Collective….

  • Opting out of automation

    Opting out of automation

    Would you pay to talk to a person?