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Moonfish Summer

I’ve been working with interesting thinkers at Agnes Scott College over the last four years on projects orbiting the idea of digital literacies, open source thinking, design, and virtual communities. This summer, that community got tighter and more focused on a series of education, design, and digital content initiatives. We’re calling it the Moonfish Collective.

We have lots of pie in the sky plans: take on clients, build a curriculum, start a school, DIY the web over and over. For now though, I can say that I have rarely if ever worked with a smarter, kinder, funnier, and more compatible bunch of people. Our politics, expertises, creative goals, and stories overlap and compliment each other in increasingly exciting ways.

Last night we celebrated a couple of family birthdays together. In some ways, our incubation period is over; the fall semester has started and our projects are going to get mixed in with teaching, writing, and other work. But I’m excited about the potential all of these people carry, and I’m proud to call them (and their beautiful families) my partners.

2 responses to “Moonfish Summer”

  1. Leah Owenby Avatar

    PETE!!! We love you so much! This delights me and I feel exactly the same about our team!

  2. Nell Avatar

    I was thinking about this group this morning, and thought it especially unusual that it is such a varied group–we are all from such different places (geographically, socially) and also that we have big a range of ages. I am the oldest (so, ahem, deserve the most respect) and in years could be the grandmother of the youngest. And yet, feel that I have so much to learn from her and everyone else. It feels 21st century in that way–like crowdsourcing and spreading across edges and categories in the way that digital humanities scholarship does. . The insights from each of us are keys to more insights among us. I was surprised to have such engaged and lengthy discussion of videos and broadcast series’ — everyone is paying attention, and interested. It’s definitely a group of Good People–thanks for putting it into words!

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