Month: August 2017

  • Switching to a Bike/Transit Commute: Some Thoughts

    Switching to a Bike/Transit Commute: Some Thoughts

    As previous posts will show, I’ve experimented with going carless and using bike/transit commute options between my office (previously) in Marietta and my home in Atlanta. This is a reverse commute — meaning it’s going against the regular flow of traffic. My office moved this year to the Kennesaw campus. I ran some tests this…

  • Moonfish Summer

    Moonfish Summer

    I’ve been working with interesting thinkers at Agnes Scott College over the last four years on projects orbiting the idea of digital literacies, open source thinking, design, and virtual communities. This summer, that community got tighter and more focused on a series of education, design, and digital content initiatives. We’re calling it the Moonfish Collective.…

  • Opting out of automation

    Opting out of automation

    Would you pay to talk to a person?