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  • Going car-less, day one

    Going car-less, day one

    I bought my first bike and started commuting on it in 2010 (to protest having to pay $600/year for parking as a post-doc on the Georgia Tech campus). Today, long story short, I’m selling my Chevy Bolt EV to my daughter and starting a carless life. Partially, this decision is financial. I’ve decided to start…

  • Wrapping up 2023: Parties as Social Experiments

    Wrapping up 2023: Parties as Social Experiments

    I’ve been throwing parties at my house for years. It’s always seemed like an efficient way to combine my social pickiness, happiness to share space, preference not to go out, and enjoyment of hosting. Sometime in the early spring, I started noticing that, since the COVID pandemic, I was seeing fewer people and in smaller…

  • Wrapping up 2023: Friendsgiving Party Media Curation

    Wrapping up 2023: Friendsgiving Party Media Curation

    I spent some of the night of my Friendsgiving party this year fielding this question: “What are you doing with all the answers to these questions you put on the table? Is that going to be a game?” It wasn’t an unreasonable question. I just hadn’t decided that I was going to with the answers…

  • Wrapping up 2023: Music

    Wrapping up 2023: Music

    The Happy Fits at The Masquerade in Atlanta, April 16, 2023Photo by: Me As usual, my live music anchor of the year was Shaky Knees in Atlanta, where I was introduced to several acts that I followed all year. However, I saw several other concerts this year that were stellar and came across a variety…

  • Wrapping up 2023: Books

    Wrapping up 2023: Books

    Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash I’ve been returning to non-work reading more and more in the last five years, and this January I bought a Kobo Elipsa, my first e-reader. It definitely influenced me to read more. Here are my favorites, what I’m still buried in, and what’s hopefully coming soon.

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  • Why Mastodon?

    I posted earlier this week about the surprise vacation I’m about to take to Costa Rica in two weeks. Some family and friends with whom I want to share some parts of my trip may wonder: why Mastodon? why don’t you just use Instagram like everyone else?  This post is my short attempt to answer…

  • Leaving Gmail

    TL;DR: I’m switching from Gmail to Protonmail for reasons of security, privacy, and digital ethics. Today I’m beginning my departure from Gmail and switching over to a new email account with Protonmail. As I’m informing friends and colleagues about the move, I’m documenting my reasons for that decision here. Over the last several years I’ve…

  • Wherein I tell the story about being anonymously reported for a work email that I sent

    Some weeks ago, on October 6, I was informed by a Kennesaw State University lawyer that I was being investigated because an anonymous complaint about me had been called into the USG (University System of Georgia) hotline. The complainant took issue with an email that I sent to my department that mentioned a campaign organized…

  • #ATLForUs Protest Reflections

    Yesterday, I attended the #ATLForUs protest in downtown Atlanta with my daughter. I got home, posted some pics from the event, and praised the organizers on Twitter and Instagram. An hour later I began watching a livestream of the standoff between police and protesters. Things went south. I thought about taking my posts down, worried…