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  • Going car-less, day one

    Going car-less, day one

    I bought my first bike and started commuting on it in 2010 (to protest having to pay $600/year for parking as a post-doc on the Georgia Tech campus). Today, long story short, I’m selling my Chevy Bolt EV to my daughter and starting a carless life. Partially, this decision is financial. I’ve decided to start…

  • Madison Yards endangers pedestrians and cyclists

    TL;DR version: Bill Kennedy Way in Atlanta is already dangerous for cyclists. It just got more dangerous with Publix opening in the Madison Yards development by Fuqua. Please help me advocate for signage/lanes/policing now so that drivers can be trained to be safer.

  • After 6 months, over 2000 carless miles

    After 6 months, over 2000 carless miles

    After several years’ worth of on and off bike and transit commuting from where I live in East Atlanta Village to where I work at Kennesaw State University, I decided to donate my car at the end of 2017. It’s been six months since I’ve been completely carless, and I thought it was time for…

  • Setbacks and Back on the Road

    My grand plan to go car-less hit a bump at the end of last month when I had a minor accident on my bike (no car involved, thankfully). Since then I’ve had three flat tires, an x-ray, and  bit of repair costs. I have to admit: after the accident, I continue to be really shy…

  • Switching to a Bike/Transit Commute: Some Thoughts

    Switching to a Bike/Transit Commute: Some Thoughts

    As previous posts will show, I’ve experimented with going carless and using bike/transit commute options between my office (previously) in Marietta and my home in Atlanta. This is a reverse commute — meaning it’s going against the regular flow of traffic. My office moved this year to the Kennesaw campus. I ran some tests this…