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  • News, Narrative, and NYT’s “The Daily” Podcast

    News, Narrative, and NYT’s “The Daily” Podcast

    The new stranding of news and narrative media fascinates me. Since I took a deep dive on the first season of the Serial podcast and started teaching class called Media and Narrative, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’re all consuming, remixing, and debating news. The rise in popularity of podcasting highlights how media technology can…

  • Serial Season Two: Redeemed

    Serial Season Two: Redeemed

    I’ve just completed the final episode of Serial’s second season, and I have some initial thoughts. The short version: Sarah Koenig and her team have redeemed themselves in the last two episodes of the season. Serial found its way out of a problem that, in my opinion, weighed it down during  most of season two. In…