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  • Serial Season Two: Redeemed

    Serial Season Two: Redeemed

    I’ve just completed the final episode of Serial’s second season, and I have some initial thoughts. The short version: Sarah Koenig and her team have redeemed themselves in the last two episodes of the season. Serial found its way out of a problem that, in my opinion, weighed it down during  most of season two. In…

  • Conversations on the Serial Podcast: Nine

    After too long of a delay, Rabia Chaudry and I will hold our final Serial-related conversation today at 12pm EST and discuss plans for a future conversation series. You can stream the conversation below, visit us to interact and ask questions here, or post questions/comments on Twitter using the #serialnarrative hashtag.

  • Hangout with Rabia and guests rescheduled

    Rabia Chaudry and I had originally arranged to have one final Serial Hangout today with some folks who’ve been regular viewers/commenters on our Conversations series so far. Due to holiday family plans, I need to reschedule. We’re going to shoot for next Monday (Jan. 5) at the same time, but I will confirm that later….

  • Conversations on the Serial Podcast: Eight

    My conversation with Rabia Chaudry on the final episode of Serial’s first season. During the conversation we discussed Rabia’s recent article on Serial in Time and The Adnan Syed Trust Fund, along with activism, ethics, and community response.

  • Conversations on the Serial Podcast: Seven

    My weekly conversation with Rabia Chaudry on the metanarrative aspects of Serial below in which we’re joined by Chris Flohr who served as Adnan Syed’s legal counsel during the bail hearing.

  • Conversations on the Serial Podcast: Six

    My post-Thanksgiving Serial break conversation with Rabia Chaudry in which we discuss Rabia’s release of the Jay/Jenn interviews, Muslim community response to Serial, and ideas of truth. Additional resources this week: Rabia’s post, “Where It All Began” Rabia mentions Susan Simpson’s posts on the podcast. You can find them here. My post, “Serial and Literature”

  • Serial and Literature

    “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Crack-Up,” Esquire, February 1936 Serial has become gut-wrenching to me, in the way that every good novel I’ve ever read feels like it’s…

  • Conversations on the Serial Podcast: Five

    Today on “Conversations” we discussed the emotional impact of Serial’s Episode 9: “To Be Suspected” along with white privilege and gender bias. See Rabia’s post related to Episode 9, “Deeper Into The Fog” on her NEW domain! I will be posting my response to the episode later this week, and we’ll be back next Monday,…

  • Conversations on the Serial Podcast: Four

    Serial is more than halfway complete at this point. I’ve waited until now to focus on one of the three most central topics for my study of the podcast: ethics. It is a happy coincidence that our guest on today’s Hangout is Adam Bonnifield (/u/quickredditaccount), one of the four moderators of the Serial subreddit; Reddit serves…

  • Time Change and Reddit Guest for “Conversations” #4

    My weekly discussion “Conversations on the Serial Podcast” with Rabia Chaudry will happen Mon, Nov. 17, at 2pm EST instead of 1pm EST. You can watch the conversation live here. We will be joined by Adam Bonnifield (/u/quickredditaccount) who serves as one of the four moderators of the subreddit on Serial. I will be blogging about…