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  • What Now?: Think and Do @agnesscott

    The following post will serve as the structure for my initial presentation this morning at Agnes Scott College’s Intermediate WordPress Think and Do Tank.

  • Ask a simple question.

    This tweet from yesterday is a great example of digital engagement. CAPTION THIS! — Badlands Nat’l Park (@BadlandsNPS) January 24, 2017

  • Atlanta Connected Learning, prepared for 2015/2016 takeoff

    Atlanta Connected Learning, prepared for 2015/2016 takeoff

    In August 2013, while I was finishing up as a lecturer at Georgia State and getting ready to start a new job at Southern Polytechnic State, I threw up a Google Community called Atlanta DH/D-Ped and started posting about events, open jobs, and things I was reading. My first post there outlined, roughly, what I was trying…

  • Collaborative Writing: 100-Word Project

    Collaborative Writing: 100-Word Project

    In Higher Ed, we often talk about “collaborative writing,” but what does it mean? Most scholars who have been through a dissertation understand collaboration in a traditional sense, that is: I write, other people provide feedback, and I revise. Different variations of this happen when we write for journals or edited collections. I wanted my students to…

  • Writing a Response Paper

    Originally for students in my “Media and Narrative” and “Film as Literature” classes, Spring 2015 “Responding” to a media artifact (whether film, text, or some other form) in an academic environment is a valuable exercise in idea generation, research, and organization. We have to immediately interrogate the idea that any response at all (“I liked…

  • The DH Cohort

    In the spring I will be teaching a student cohort enrolled in my ENGL 1102 course and STS (Science, Technology, and Society) 2400 taught by my colleague Becky Lefebvre. Both classes will be themed around investigating the Digital Humanities. Below is the flyer we are using to inform students about and recruit students for the…

  • Teaching Philosophy

    As part of Wide World Ed’s Open Education MOOC, here is my teaching philosophy. This document is an (only slightly) edited version of the one that I used when I went on the job market last year. My priorities as an educator originated from my Master’s work in critical pedagogy and its application to composition….