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  • Blog Architecture for Student/Faculty Domains

    Blog Architecture for Student/Faculty Domains

    In preparing for this academic year, I wanted to develop a simple and clear WordPress architecture to demonstrate to students. We are entering the second year of using self-hosted domains in our DWMA classes, and I knew that many students of mine would have multiple classes in which they were asked to use their own…

  • Emory’s Domain of One’s Own presentation at SPSU

    Today at SPSU’s Digital Humanities Working Group, we hosted David Morgen and Dave Fisher of Emory’s University’s Writing Program. In ETCMA we’ve had growing interest in the Domain of One’s Own initiative, originally from University of Mary Washington (led by Jim Groom and Tim Owens) and in its pilot stage at Emory this year. David…

  • The DH Cohort

    In the spring I will be teaching a student cohort enrolled in my ENGL 1102 course and STS (Science, Technology, and Society) 2400 taught by my colleague Becky Lefebvre. Both classes will be themed around investigating the Digital Humanities. Below is the flyer we are using to inform students about and recruit students for the…

  • Teaching Philosophy

    As part of Wide World Ed’s Open Education MOOC, here is my teaching philosophy. This document is an (only slightly) edited version of the one that I used when I went on the job market last year. My priorities as an educator originated from my Master’s work in critical pedagogy and its application to composition….

  • Reset

    I first began writing a blog in 2009 while I was writing my dissertation. I started it in order to do some non-academic writing about my family, what I was reading, and live music. In 2011 I shifted to a second blog in order to better facilitate my writing, conference presentations, and faculty development associated…