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  • Domain of One’s Own: Research

    Domain of One’s Own: Research

    (Pictured above: David Morgen at the Atlanta Regional DoOO Incubator, April 2014) How long has it been since you’ve been an email chain that you’d call “exciting”? I had one yesterday. I received a course release to compose and publish an article on the pedagogical and administrative methodologies of faculty using Domain of One’s Own-inspired work…

  • Consolidation Notes: Identity and Purpose

    It was always a mistake not to write about the story I am starting now. And, truthfully, I should have known better. The most productive times of my career so far have been marked by committing to a series of rambling, curious ideas. The ideas turn into concepts, the concepts get backed up by facts…

  • Blog Architecture for Student/Faculty Domains

    Blog Architecture for Student/Faculty Domains

    In preparing for this academic year, I wanted to develop a simple and clear WordPress architecture to demonstrate to students. We are entering the second year of using self-hosted domains in our DWMA classes, and I knew that many students of mine would have multiple classes in which they were asked to use their own…

  • Departmental Reframing

    I joined the faculty of Southern Polytechnic State University under the former English, Technical Communication, and Media Arts Department, and within two months arriving learned that SPSU would be merging with Kennesaw State University, a much larger liberal arts institution ten miles north of us. Now, I belong to the Digital Writing and Media Arts…

  • SPSU/KSU Merger Vote: Contact Information

    I will begin this post by being clear that, in voicing my opinion on the proposed merger (announced Nov. 1 and scheduled for a vote tomorrow, Nov. 12) of Southern Polytechnic State University and Kennesaw State University, I do not purport to represent anyone other than myself. I am Georgia citizen and scholar who cares about…

  • Consolidation Shock

    The State of Georgia learned on Friday, November 1, that the Board of Regents, the governing body of the University System of Georgia, had decided to merge Southern Polytechnic State University — where I just began work this semester in the English, Technical Communication, and New Media Arts Department —  with the much larger Kennesaw…