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  • Domain of One’s Own: Research

    Domain of One’s Own: Research

    (Pictured above: David Morgen at the Atlanta Regional DoOO Incubator, April 2014) How long has it been since you’ve been an email chain that you’d call “exciting”? I had one yesterday. I received a course release to compose and publish an article on the pedagogical and administrative methodologies of faculty using Domain of One’s Own-inspired work…

  • Communes and Outposts

    There is an clear tension between individual publishing (like on a blog) and communal publishing (like on a forum, Facebook page, or some other commenting thread). Rather than a tension to avoid, the mutually exclusive benefits of these two activities deserve critical distinction and, sometimes, simultaneous usage. I’ve been thinking a lot about these distinct…

  • Fans vs. Practitioners

    By the close of last week’s Domain Incubator, I was full of ideas. I will attempt, over the next couple of posts to break these into smaller chunks. For one, there is a lexicon to Domain that hangs just over my head like ripe fruit. Indeed, I DO have a little bit of a tech/nerd past:…