Kendrick in Atlanta tonight

I did some research on attending the (FREE, yes, FREE) Kendrick Lamar show tonight at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. Kendrick’s show, while not showing up anywhere on the ATLChampGame show line-up, will occur only during the halftime of some big football game.

(Please forgive any of the snark or ignorance here related to the fact that I am NOT a fan of watching or playing American football.)

In order to save other fans the trouble, here are some facts that I learned:

  • There’s a different concert scheduled in the park for 3pm-5pm. At the end of that, that park will be cleared.
  • The park will open back up at 7pm; entry will be free and no tickets have been issued.
  • A large screen will show the game (which I hear is football) which starts at 8pm.
  • Kendrick will perform at some point during the halftime show. Marching bands from the two schools will happen inside the stadium; Kendrick will perform outside in the park.
  • Only 20,000 people are allowed to be inside the park at one time.
  • Any bag that you bring in has to be clear.
  • If you have more questions, the best number to call is the info line at the Georgia World Congress Center (which is only open until 5pm). A real person will answer: 404.223.4000

Here are some things that I am guessing and deducing:

  • A lot of people are going to go to this thing.
  • Not one person with a brain in their head should drive into Atlanta for this; take Marta.
  • It’s going to be hella-cold.
  • At some point, the amount of people wanting to see the game for free on a big screen and/or Kendrick will reach capacity and the park will start turning people away.
  • When that occurs, they will probably institute an exit-only policy; you won’t be able to leave and come back in.
  • Kendrick will probably only perform 1-3 songs (halftime shows are relatively short, right?).

So is it worth it? That depends on you. For me, being present when Kendrick gives Atlanta a hug for 10-30 minutes and possibly makes some kind of anti-Trump statement (because #45 will also be at the game) — I can’t pass it up.

If you read this and decide to go, give me a heads up on Twitter when you arrive (@allisteling). We can all huddle together and keep each other warm until #KungFuKenny joins us.


Modified image above courtesy of Kenny Sun via Flickr and Creative Commons



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