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Introduction to Elementor

WordPress has tons of useful functionality, but it’s not the best design tool. Pictures, headings, embedded content doesn’t always render exactly where you want it. Just remember: because WordPress is open source, if you want it to do something that it can’t, there’s probably someone who has built that capability in a plug-in (many of which are free to review on or within the <Plugins> section of your WordPress dashboard. 

Here’s one I’ve found useful: Elementor.

Have a look at “What is Elementor for WordPress”?

Then watch this video about how to install Elementor:

The benefit of Elementor is that it can be used for pages and/or posts, but that WordPress doesn’t assume you want either one. Instead, on the edit page for any page/post, you’ll find a button that takes you out of the WordPress editor and into Elementor. Essentially, you can turn on functionality if you want or not.

Here’s an example of a project built in Elementor.

By the way, I also found this after wrapping up designing this page: