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  1. Hi Pete,

    Like millions of others I have become riveted by Serial. Your push to look at the metanarrative is fascinating to me. I too have been thinking much about what this story can teach us about truth, honesty and human nature. Specifically, whether we believe Adnan is telling the truth or we assume he is lying. That opinion in itself, I think, reveals so much about how we view humanity as a whole. I’ve struggled to find too many folks interested in this kind of discussion about Serial, at least to the depth I am interested in exploring. I would love to talk more. Could we get on the phone or Google hangout?

    -Chris, 32 years old, from Cincinnati, graphic designer & entrepreneur

    • Pete Rorabaugh Pete Rorabaugh

      Indeed. The line between what entertains us and how quickly we are to make assumptions about facts from those artifacts is a real interest for me. From Serial we learn much more about ourselves (our history, biases, need for resolution) than the “truth” of what happened to Have Min Lee. I would enjoy talking more. You can DM me on Twitter if you are there or email me at prorabaugh at gmail. Getting ready to release a Serial related idea you might find interesting, too. Thanks for your support!

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