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  • it really is the gear that makes the ride.
  • first rain day for my #bike #bus #commute in #atlanta .. i spent time acquiring the right gear to keep dry last week, so everything was great .. refreshing, safe, and no one to dodge on the #beltline.
  • the #atlanta #shakyknees band schedule dropped today: .. this is important because we have been listening to all these bands since they were announced in december, and now we can get down to business: having our song battles to figure out who we are going to see .. i […]
  • wow .. this is an actual "proposed" project .. stacked condos with swimming pools on top .. on memorial a block from the #atlanta #beltline called .. wait for it .. "the swank" .. you can't make this stuff up
  • in my first week of not having a car, i biked 68 miles .. for context, i ride a single speed bike. #atlanta #carless
  • .. and ive arrived on campus 🙂
  • .. and, for some context ..
  • bike leg 1 of day 1 is complete .. this marks the return of #bikebus commute, #atlanta to #ksu .. bring on #marta
  • and have a look at canopy atlanta's short documentary on Black Coffee and Community Grounds:
  • visited Black Coffee Atlanta ( today for the first time .. in my nhood, black-owned business, with a focus on community development, investment, and entrepreneurship .. several folks selling their own cool stuff and a guy teaching six kids at a time to play chess .. great coffee and an […]
  • Charles Blow in the NYT: "I now believe that we are in the early phase of yet another backlash, with the dismantling of affirmative action, governmental attacks on the teaching of Black history and the full-court press on the political right to get rid of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives." […]
  • Saw "The Boy and the Heron" last night. Maybe the last Miyazaki? Unsure. Beautiful art and visual conflict. I'm not sure that I got this one (like, less than the other Ghibli movies). Really enjoyed hanging out with my son 🙂 #moviesof2024
  • Getting excited about the organizing and preparing that I'm doing for 48in48, a hackathon in #atlanta where several hundred #volunteers build #websites for 48 #nonprofits in 48 hours .. we're actively recruiting build team volunteers AND nonprofits .. join us for the women's built event, april 5-7.
  • @ShmosKnows curious to chat with you about 48in48, a non profit im doing some with with .. maybe relevant to civic tech atl folks .. around this weekend?
  • Going car-less, day one #atlanta #carless #bike
  • saw the movie "origin" last weekend .. it's a rich visual exploration of the process of writing a book and researching an argument .. aunjanue ellis-taylor was amazing .. film def deserved oscar attention .. i loved the falling leaf scenes. #moviesof2024
  • (last month) saw the movie "poor things" (opening weekend, before the oscar nom) .. loved the off kilter world and observations about medicine, attachment .. the sets and costumes were beautiful. #moviesof2024
  • i'm in the middle of the audiobook of louise erdrich's most recent novel "the sentence" .. listening to it off and on for a year and just slowly loving the world and the author's voice. #booksof2024
  • i'm in the middle of annie murphy paul's book "the extended mind: the power of thinking outside the brain" .. recommended by my friend nell after a conversation about creativity and community. #booksof2024
  • i'm in the middle of eloghosa osunde's novel "vagabonds!" .. recommended by my friend ori after a conversation about marlon james. #booksof2024