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Hi! I’m Pete Rorabaugh, a father, teacher, writer, and lover of hammocks and ultimate frisbee. I live in Atlanta, GA, and soak up as much of the film and music scene there as I can. I’m fascinated by the fiction of Cormac McCarthy, the films of the Coen Brothers, and the life Malcolm X.

I am an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Kennesaw State University. I earned an M.A. in English Education and a Ph.D. in American Literature and Rhetoric, both from Georgia State University in Atlanta. My research interests include contemporary American fiction, religious rhetoric, networked culture, and the intersection of digital and critical pedagogy.

With my students, I explore new media and their impact on reading, thinking, and collaboration. My teaching is informed by critical pedagogy (specifically, the work of Paulo Freire) and my research fuses these interests and includes the study of games, digital literacies, and alternatives to traditional models of schooling and scholarship.

In 2012 I co-founded Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal of Learning, Teaching, and Technology; I am the co-creator of the collaborative narrative game #TvsZ. I help organize events and community-building for Atlanta Connected Learning, and I tweet from @allistelling.


    • Pete Rorabaugh Pete Rorabaugh

      Thanks for watching! Rabia is taking a week off next Monday (schedule conflict), so my Hangout will be exclusively with Adam Bonnifield, one of the mods of the Serial Subreddit. I will bring this story up with her next week; I’d really like to hear her talk more on this topic too.


    How about interviewing the reporter from the Baltimore Sun that originally wrote the articles about the case, it appears she was at the sentencing and maybe earlier in the case. Here’s some info in her now…

    Fix your spiffy new website, on the about page you still have the wordpress generic text.

    Let your guests talk more on your show, we have lots to learn from them.

    • Pete Rorabaugh Pete Rorabaugh

      Thanks for the feedback; thought I had pulled that “About” page from the menu when I first opened the blog, but I decided to put some content in there and publish it instead after reading your comment. Contacting a couple of journalists today.

      • John Preston John Preston

        Thank you for the recommendation!

        (Always looking for a new addition to the podcast rotation.)

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