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Atlanta Connected Learning, prepared for 2015/2016 takeoff

In August 2013, while I was finishing up as a lecturer at Georgia State and getting ready to start a new job at Southern Polytechnic State, I threw up a Google Community called Atlanta DH/D-Ped and started posting about events, open jobs, and things I was reading. My first post there outlined, roughly, what I was trying to do — build community. I saw my friend Brennan Collins (GSU) organizing digital pedagogy events with great potential, and I wanted other people to know about them along with other DH and digital pedagogy events in Atlanta. I learned from my work on Hybrid Pedagogy that it is impossible to predict the value and direction of a group of likeminded open educators and researchers; best to just provide a framework for our conversations and see where it goes.

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#UniFreeClass: Introduction and Structure

For students in my hybrid ENGL 1102 courses and onlookers

Our class is about to begin publishing a collaborative web project investigating the question that Diane raised several weeks ago during our “big argument” free-for-all, while sharing a link to an article by Aaron Bady:

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