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Hip Hop Book Club

The Design of Hip Hop

Or should we call it Hip Hop Hook Club?

I’ve been a fan of hip hop music and culture since my teens, but I’ve gone through periods of time where I fall out of familiarity with new artists and innovators. I’ve found some success with podcasts and public play lists on Spotify to introduce me to new music, but I’ve always felt like that discovery happens best inside of a community. So here’s what I am proposing:

  1. Gather a group of 5-10 folks whose tastes in hip hop are diverse.
  2. Gather “nominations” during the last week of every month in the following categories: artist (their work as a whole), track, and album.
  3. Members can nominate in one or all of the categories. They can cede their vote in a specific category if they want. For example, if I have an album and a track, but no artist for a particular month, I can allow another group member to nominate twice for that category.
  4. There should be no overlap in nominations; my artist, track, and album should be different. For example, I shouldn’t nominate a track off of the album I nominate as, also, my track for the month.
  5. Nominations are due on the last day of the month. After I get them all, I’ll format a blog post the next day with our listening nominations for the month with links to those things on Spotify.
  6. At the end of the month we’ll have a quick poll to see what everyone liked in each of the categories.
  7. Members whose nominations win for a particular category will get a Burger King crown in the mail from me.

Are you in? If so, reach out to me by text or email and I will send you the February nomination form. 

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